bunting for a lovely little lady

DSC_4304So this summer I got to meet my gorgeous new niece.  And about three days before we left for Canada, I decided that I NEEDED to make her something.  I mean, look at her – who wouldn’t want to make her something? DSCN1149

Bunting is a very British thing, although it seems to be coming more popular around the world these days. I thought it was a great idea for a good, quick project.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos along the way – I wasn’t blogging at the time.  But here’s what I did anyway:

I started by cutting the triangles out in two contrasting fabrics – I still love the flower pattern one, glad I bought a lot, but not so sure about how I like the checked one in the end.  I drew a pattern on paper and used my rotary cutter to cut the triangles out. Then I sewed the triangles together and righted and ironed them. After that, I hand-stitched on the letters, which I had cut out. That was a bit of a mistake – should have stitched the letters on before sewing them together. It was a real pain!

Finally I ironed the ribbon in half lengthwise – bad move, should have used bias tape, as it was a tricky task! Then I tacked the flags on, sewed the length, and voila!  Easy peasy bunting.

DSC_4309  DSC_4310  DSC_4310 - Copy

*each flag ended up being about 20 x 15 cm, and I left about 7 cm between.  I left about 40cm of ribbon on each end to give freedom in hanging.


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