You may remember that simple little sign from my last post. I confess, when I bought it, I had no idea what I could do with it. I found it on sale at the end of the Christmas season last year. It was just white, wooden letters. The ideas just kind of evolved as I looked at it and thought about it more. You see, I love Christmas and love French, so it was a great match – just a little boring!

I finally decided what to do with it when I realised that every time I saw the letters I started singing the Christmas carol ‘The First Noel…’ So i decided a music theme was perfect.

I found this great looking off white music decoupage paper on ebay and ordered it straight away.  Big problem, though…  It came and it was crisp, snowy white. Not off-white or beige, like the photo led me to believe. The white just wasn’t going to work, so the first order was changing the colour of the paper. I used the primary school soak-it-in-tea trick. My test patch looked great, so I dipped the whole paper in and left it hanging to dry overnight. Amazing what a little tea will do!

Prep 1
While I was waiting for the paper to dry, I decided that I only wanted the music notes on the front, so I needed to do something else with the sides. The white just wasn’t going to go. In my oldie paint supplies, I found a gloopy, hard tube of a very nice dark gold colour. In hind-sight, I probably should have just bought another one, but four coats later, they look alright.
When the paper was completely dry, I tore it into little pieces and began mod-podging them onto the letters, making sure to cover them completely and have some overlap.

Prep 2My husband then trimmed the excess paper (something about me and sharp knives…), and I sanded the edges to get them nice and smooth. One final coat of mod-podge, and voilà! Huge improvement, I think!

DSC_4875I still may end up adding a few extra layers of mod-podge so that I can then sand them smooth, but for now, they can be enjoyed.  When I’m allowed to put christmas decorations up, that is!




3 thoughts on “noel

    • The decoupage itself doesn’t take long. It takes probably 15-20 minutes to do the putting the paper on, then 30 minutes drying time, and another 15 or so to trim and sand the paper down. I did another coat of the mod-podge at the end, as well, which took a few extra minutes.

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