ummm… fail!

So I saw a really great necklace on Pinterest. It wasn’t my colour, and it didn’t have instructions, but I thought, what the hey, I’ll give it a go! I wanted a necklace to go with the new dress I bought for my work Christmas party, and I thought I might as well make one! I bought some great silver beads, and thought I’d match the shiny silver with some nice matte black. And they looked great together, really.

DSC_4840     DSC_4846

So I made all six strands, and struggled to tie it all together and went to tie the huge knot in it. And it didn’t work. At all. The necklace went all floppy and the knot just looked a mess. See? (actually the pics are after I took the knot out!) I was trying for the gold one (sorry for the pic quality) and ended up with the silver one. Oops!

photo     DSC_4852

Anyway, I bought some new beading supplies, and some wire to string the beads, so I’ll give it another go when those arrive. Just goes to show – crafting doesn’t always go your way!




2 thoughts on “ummm… fail!

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