back from busyness

Hello lovely friends!  Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. During the last couple of weeks of school, I was pretty unwell, and just couldn’t cope with doing anything beyond work. Then life got busy and Christmas happened…  But I’m back.


I hope you all had wonderful Christmases – ours was great. A little quiet, but nice and relaxed. We were at home alone for the first time ever, which was strange, but a good chance to just think about what Christmas really means to us. Now all the family are gone, and it’s time to get back to normal life.

And…  I’ve been being creative again. I’ve started (and completed) a fair few little projects since the start of the holidays, and I’m hoping to get even more done. What that means is I’ve got lots of blogs to write in the next few weeks.  I’ve also been planning things to do with the blog moving forward!

Here’s a few projects I’ve written about earlier that are are now done. My wreath went up on the door just before Christmas and it looks great. As I mentioned before, at first I was VERY unhappy with the bow on it, but on the door, it just works. I don’t think it would be enough without the bow.
DSC_5006.NEFAnd finally, after three years of work, my advent calendar went up on the wall. I’m not particularly happy with how its hung, but it’s up, and we got to enjoy lovely little chocolates out of it for 13 of the advent days. I think I might, sometime in the future, take the little characters off and sew them onto a large felt Christmas tree as ornaments. I’ve really only tacked them on for now. But it’s still up and it held chocolate for us – success!

DSC_5009.NEFDSC_5011.NEFThat’s all for now…  Stay tuned for some new and exciting blog ideas. They’ll be starting to come your way in the next 48 hours.



One thought on “back from busyness

  1. Your advent calendar looks really nice strung up like so. I’m imagining your feeling of satisfaction upon stuffing those candies in and seeing it in use, at last! Glad you are feeling better and look forward to your 2015 posts.

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