well that was a week…

That was a week and then some!

Sorry to have been so quiet lately. I have had the most ridiculously busy week ever. Work has been mad and then I’ve had a few other things to do as well. When did life get so busy? I don’t enjoy life being so busy – I want my own time! I dream of being able to stop work and just to focus on the things I love doing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. But teaching can be (and is at the moment) so all-consuming. I would love to just be able to write and create and have time to do all the things I love to do. And to keep my house clean.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to everyone for visiting the site this week, even though I’ve been so busy. Thanks to everyone who has been amazing at getting their photos done – I’m really enjoying the photo challenge with all of you!  Remember, it’s definitely not too late to decide to join in on all the fun!

I had been hoping for a good layer of snow so I could have a second chance to take a photo of ‘cold’. Not that I didn’t like my picture, but I do have to say I love a good snow! Especially while I’m away from Canada!

Here’s the roundup of week 2: cold:

Me at bluedaisyz

Garry at Garry Byles Photo

Melissa at aranislandgirl

Sandra at wild daffodil

Erika at Blogging While Growing

Thanks for joining me you guys!  I love, love, love looking at your photos, and it’s definitely what’s inspiring me to keep going when things are busy at the moment.

And just a peek at what’s coming – I’ve been playing with fabric again. Although not this week – no time…



See you all tomorrow for the next photo challenge: light.




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