a small post

Not sure why my photo round-up posts have gone all ‘punny’. It won’t last.

Sorry for another silent week. Busy at work. Offer’s open again – anyone want to pay me to blog and craft? I’d be all about that! 😉

Lots to come this week, though!  I’m promising three blogs before the weekend (mostly because I intend to write them now – the only way I can actually keep up, especially on a week full of assessments…). One will be my photo (obviously), one crafting, and one an amazingly tasty recipe (because I promised my mom!). And at some point I’ll do a quick round-up too!

Again, lots of amazing ‘small’ pictures. Love the creativity, and thanks for telling me what my bird was!

Garry Byles Photography

Sandra at WildDaffodil

Melissa at TheAranArtisan

Erika at Blogging While Growing

Roz at Umpteenthings

Enjoy! And remember, you can still join us on our challenge.  See you all tomorrow for ‘white’ photos!



One thought on “a small post

  1. Hi Jamie, thanks for including me on the weekly photo challenge. I had my weeks mixed up and thought I had to catch up,so I have posted my white pic already! Roz💛

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