photo challenge week 5: white

I must confess, when I picked words for photo challenge, I put the word white in feburary because I imagined there would have been snow by now. But we haven’t had much. I did, however, see some amazing icy frost well out for a walk a couple of weeks ago.

Ice always amazes me – the different shapes and textures it can take. When I saw a park bench coated in tiny ice crystals, I knew it needed to be captured. This was the best I could do with the kit I had at hand. I wish I had my (cheapy) close-up kit along, but I’m still loving this shot!

Enjoy – can’t wait to see your take on the word!

Week 5 White




9 thoughts on “photo challenge week 5: white

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  3. Your photo is gorgeous and a kinda visual pun as at first glance it looks like a fluffy glistening rug you might hug round yourself to keep warm on an icy day… but then it IS ice; love the way the crystals form like that. We had a surprise snowfall here this morning and it was all soft and fluffy and made me think of your picture.

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