sewing machine pincushion

I love this fabric:

DSC_4974.NEFI originally bought it when I wanted to make bunting for my niece and had NO idea how much I needed. So I bought a metre of each. When I ended up using 8 inches or so, that left me with lots of great fabric for other crafty bits. And now I’ve fallen in love with the fabric and want more!! Unfortunately, the fabric store is a ways away and I’ll have to wait until I go again. And probably until I’ve used up some of the rest of my huge stack of fabric!

I saw a couple of great sewing machine pincushions on pinterest, and I thought they were a great idea!

DSC_5030.NEF  DSC_5034.NEF

I started by measuring the distance between the rubber feet on my machine deciding on the depth. Then I sewed the yellow edging fabric and the ribbon on, and went most of the way around the edge.

DSC_5040.NEFI thought carefully about what to stuff the cushion with, but decided in the end to go with simple batting that I had lying around, because I only intend to use it as a temporary home for pins. Then I sewed the edge up and voila! A lovely little pincushion!

Easy, quick and useful.




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