photo challenge week 8: create

I thought this would be an easy one – it’s what the whole blog was meant to be about. It wasn’t. To me, the topic was too big and to difficult to focus my ideas around. There were so many things I wanted to photograph, and I just couldn’t focus my ideas.

So I’ve gone with something beautiful in the history of create-ing. I would love to have this in my house, or something similar.

Week 8 CREATEIsn’t it beautiful? I just love that this is where my machine came from. Way back.

A while ago, we were wandering through a antiques/thrift shop, and I found a singer machine, a very early electric one. And it still works. The thing weighs a tonne, but I decided to go for it because it was cheap and beautiful. I haven’t had the time to pull it all apart yet, but I’m looking forward to bringing it all back up to beautiful and using it. It’s not this machine, obviously, but thus made me think of my beautiful machine that’s waiting for some love!

Can’t wait to see your versions of ‘create’!




7 thoughts on “photo challenge week 8: create

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  2. One of the more beautiful antique machines I have seen. Isn’t the gold detail stunning and the claw foot-like feet too? A great choice for this challenge πŸ™‚ I will post mine tomorrow.

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