time for a new dress?

With all the sewing and creating that I’ve been doing, I thought that it was finally time I got around to making some clothing. I was shopping for random fabric awhile ago – by which I mean I was wandering through my favourite fabric shop after primising my husband I wouldn’t buy anything – when I saw this fabric. I knew that I needed to have a dress made out of it, and immediately had a style of dress come into mind. Being that it is the first piece of clothing that I’ve ever sewn, I thought I should buy a pattern, and I managed to find one that’s almost exactly what I had in mind.

I’ve had the fabric now for ages (6 or 8 months), and have only just bothered getting it out. I’m not 100% sure whether it will work, seeing as I didn’t buy the right size pattern and I’ve been adjusting as I’m going along. BUT when you see the fabric, you’ll understand why I needed to have it!!  So far I’ve cut out the fabric and have begun to assembly the bodice. I’ll keep you up to date – hope that it’s done soon!!




5 thoughts on “time for a new dress?

    • Actually it’s a cotton, no stretch. I thought I’d work with something easy for my first dress! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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