shape round-up

Hi all! Almost forgot to post today, so it’s coming at you a bit late!

What have I been up to? Well, my dress has an almost complete bodice. It looks great so far and actually fits! 🙂

I’ve been working at getting my garden going – would like to get some seeds planted outside next weekend. We enlarged our veg patch a bit to make room for a few more delicious treasures! Yum! and with what I’ve planted inside, I’ve got coriander, thyme, zucchini, 2 varieties of tomatoes, daisys, sweet peas, and geranium have sprouted! I’ve got a fair few others planted, and need to do some more indoor planting soon, too!

Anyhow, here is the round up of the shape photos:

Garry Byles Photography

Melissa at The Aran Artisan

Sandra at WildDaffodil

Roz at Umpteen Things

See you tomorrow for ‘crisp’.



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