photo challenge week 13: gold

I think I’m going to cheat this week. I suppose seeing as it’s my photo challenge, I can do that without getting in too much trouble! I’m going to cheat by showing two photos. It’s the husband’s fault, really. I gave him a choice of 4 photos, and he ruled out my first choice immediately. So you get on of his choice, and mine, which is just a wider shot of his choice.

Week 13 GOLD 1

In Paris, and a lot of other European cities, there are bridges full of padlocks. I think the idea is supposed to be that you put the lock on the bridge and show the key into the river, so your love lasts forever. I know the cities find it severely annoying, but it’s kinda cool to look at!  🙂

Week 13 GOLD 2

See you soon – I’ve got a couple other things ready to share with you, and I’m looking forward to getting some crazy crafting done over my break, which starts FRIDAY!!!



6 thoughts on “photo challenge week 13: gold

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  2. I have missed a couple of weeks being off line, but I hope to fill them in when I can find time ok. I love your big pic of the locks..fabulous!📷💝📷

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