photo challenge week 14: texture

It would seem I’ve been ignoring you. What a busy couple of weeks its been leading up to Easter. And I’ve been focusing on enjoying myself at the weekend, rather than blogging. How selfish of me… 😉

My husband would probably tell you that spring cleaning the whole house doesn’t count as enjoyment, but I like a clean house!

Anyway, I’m around lots this week, so am planning on getting some serious blogging done! Should be nice.

Here’s my photo for the week’s topic: texture.


I love the combination of the different bricks and the wooden panels of the door. I’m often found taking pictures of random brick and stone walls.

Can’t wait to see your ‘textures’!



8 thoughts on “photo challenge week 14: texture

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! Saw a REALLY old one in a castle in Wales – one of the oldest in Europe I believe. Very cool!

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