Crafty Box-Bag

DSC_6590I made this box-bag a couple of weeks ago, and have been meaning to share it with you since! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to, thanks to technology. You see, I had an idea of what I wanted to create, so I looked EVERYWHERE online to find a pattern to make it with, but couldn’t find one anywhere! So I ended up making a pattern myself. And because there wasn’t much in terms of a pattern I thought I’d share a pattern and tutorial! If you do end up making one, please send pics! 🙂
Here are the steps that I took to make my lovely little box-bag:

First I cut out the fabric. I used a heavy cotton (think curtains) for the outside, a thin cotton on the inside, and a thin iron-on interfacing to give it shape.

Then I sewed the outside together (with wrong sides together), and the interfacing and lining together – right side of fabric together, with interfacing on outside.

On both pieces, I measured in 3 inches  from the bottom and side, and sewed across this line to give the bag it’s rectangular bottom.

Then I put the outside into the lining, with right sides together, and sewed around only one of the handles. I turned it so that the outside was on the outside. It was tricky, but I then folded over the edges of the un-sewn handle hole, and sewed it together, then top-stitched around the other to match.

At this stage, the bag didn’t have quite the square edges I was hoping for, so I pinned the corners and ran a stitch all the way down them, which gave the bag a very crisp corner. Nice!

DSC_6561In the end, I’m very please with the box-bag. It turned out EXACTLY like I had imagined and holds sewing and knitting projects perfectly! I may need to make a few more, in fact! Hope you enjoy, and it you’d like to download the pattern, it can be found HERE: Box Bag A4, Box Bag LETTER. My first pattern, so please let me know how it works! Happy sewing!!





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    • Hi, I was having trouble with my scanner, and had hoped to get it on before the blog went live… It’s on there now, I promise!

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