portable playmat

Firstly, and most importantly, let me say a big happy first birthday to this gorgeous little girl. She’s my niece, and I am so very sad that I can’t be there with her today!


For her birthday, I had a little idea. I saw several examples like this on pinterest, and have managed to make a super cute little mat.


First the fabric. When I saw this, I KNEW it was right. Instantly!


Cute, isn’t it?

Here’s how it works:


Throw a few toys into it (that is seriously ALL the toys I had in my house – can you tell we don’t have kids??), then pull the strings and tie. It becomes a bag full of toys.

DSC_6568Bring it along with you to a friend’s house or use at home – just open up and stretch out, then you have a portable play mat, complete with toys!


Hope you enjoy it, Livvy! Much love from Auntie Jamie!


8 thoughts on “portable playmat

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