photo challenge week 20: middle

20 weeks! Wow! I’m impressed that I’ve lasted this long – and – I’m still enjoying it… I love having you along on the way, so thanks for joining me!

This was my hubby’s pick for the topic (I had three that would have worked):

Week 20 MIDDLE

Can’t wait to see yours!



14 thoughts on “photo challenge week 20: middle

  1. So stunning!!! He chose well. I too am surprised I’m still here! But I do love it and look forward each week to seeing what everyone does with the theme.
    This week’s subject is a real challenge for me, as many photos would ‘do’ but not one shouts out yet. I’ve got 4 I’m choosing from – I’m going to use the Haiku Challenge’s words to help me decide. Thanks for hosting.

  2. It is much fun and I can’t believe that long has past either. I couldn’t imagine doing the Haiku without your photo word. The two together make it a wonderful challenge combo. That said, sorry I missed last week. Seemed everything else took precedence, so goes life at times.
    Your photo is brilliant! I haven’t got a clue yet, but am always thinking about it!

    • I love flipping through photos to find the right one! Don’t think I could manage the haiku too… well done to you who can!

    • I really love doing the combo – they help each other and challenge each other for me. Like you Melissa, I’m always thinking about it and it causes me to look at things in different ways as I go about my world, wondering if each thing I see would make a good photo for our Monday (and onwards) get together. It adds a richness to my seeing!

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