photo challenge week 23: green

Easy one this week. Although I kind of think I didn’t plan very well, fresh last week, green this week and bloom next? Sounds like a lot of nature pics – not that it’s ever a bad thing to have natural pics – they’re my favourite!

Here my green! How many shades can you count? 😉

Week 23 GREEN

Look forward to seeing your greens! Remember, you can still join the challenge!



12 thoughts on “photo challenge week 23: green

    • Yeah, from last yeah (I cheated a little… ;)) I was too busy gardening to take photos, unfortunately!

      • When I started, I had full intentions of taking a new photo each week, but unfortunately life has got in the way and it’s all I can do to remember to post each week. Now I’m just very proud that I’ve done that! 🙂

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