photo challenge week 26: letters

This is it folks – after we’ve posted this week, we have completed half of the year’s photo challenge. And that means we are halfway through the year. That scares me!

What a busy year it’s been so far! I must say, I’m really looking forward to the summer, and hopefully having some time for me! How exciting…

Anyhow, here’s my photo for this week. Enjoy…


I went for a slightly more random version of ‘letters’ – Royal Post. Love it! Looking forward to your versions.

Three and a half weeks til I’m done school – holiday! Woohoo!



12 thoughts on “photo challenge week 26: letters

    • As I read over my posts, I feel a bit like a ‘sad’ photographer – pictures of doors, walls, cameras… I must be really annoying to go on a walk with.

    • That’s pretty funny! No clue if that crossed my mind when I wrote the list, but I doubt it. Happy coincidence!

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