countdown and round-up

I’m on countdown. I can’t wait – 12 more work days until I get summer holidays! And actually I manage to have a day off (in lieu of the trip I went on a while ago) this coming week! How lovely for me!

I’m looking forward to much more crafting, much more blogging and maybe even some writing. How fun for me! Has anyone that’s reading this actually written a book and had it published? I’m just curious – I’ve always wanted to write a book (except when I was little and wanted to be an artist, but that was never going to happen!) and I have some ideas I’m dying to get down. Just wondering what the process and prospects are like…  entirely curiosity!

Any-who… I owe you all a round up or two. Hopefully I’ll manage to keep on top of this a bit more in the summer when I’m not working every living hour! Or… I’ll be laying in the sun and ignoring you even more.


My photo

Gary at Gary Byles Photography

Sandra at Wild Daffodil

Cathy at Nana Cathy dot com


My Photo

Sandra at Wild Daffodil

Cathy at Nana Cathy dot com

Don’t forget, you can still join us on my photo challenge! Just join in anytime – the next topic is ‘close’. Use the multi-meaning word as you see fit! Happy shooting!



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