photo challenge week 28: scent

Hello, my severely neglected friends!

Not that long ago, I was remarking on what a brilliant job I had been doing of remembering to post every Monday. I haven’t missed one yet this year. Til yesterday. But I’m here. I haven’t forgotten you!

I was actually away at the weekend. I had a random long weekend (pay back for a trip I did), so I dragged the hubby down to Devon. It was really nice. The weather was pretty good – a few rainy spells, but I still managed to get a burn! I’ll try to post more photos of the weekend soon. In fact, I tried to while I was down there, but didn’t have enough internet connection to post the pics!

My photo this week is from the weekend away. While we were there, we did a lot of driving on small, windy roads, which were lined with tall hedgerows. The whole way along, these were filled with flowers and smelled beautiful. On the way home, there were also moor-like areas that were filled with heather. These smelled wonderful, too.

Here is my photo of heather. I apologise for the lower quality, but unfortunately it was raining so much that my lens was very wet!

Week 28 SCENT

Will be around more soon – summer holiday starts next week! Happy, happy me!!!!



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