photo challenge week 31: routine

This was another tricky word to find a photo for, especially seeing as I’m in full-blown summer mode – all routine but sleeping seems to have left me behind. You didn’t want a photo of that.

Then this morning, as I finished a part of my ‘routine’, I figured it out.


Coffee – definitely the most important part of my routine! Lovely, strong, black coffee…

And, just because I love you all so very much, I forced myself to make a second cup. And I couldn’t let it go to waste… What a sacrifice.

Just because I know people are reading this thinking ‘Jamie drinks more coffee that that…’, I make a definite effort to cut back during summer week days. Usually just one cup a day. Sometimes two.

And to get your curiosity peaked, here’s a random sneak peak at what I’ve been working on today:




4 thoughts on “photo challenge week 31: routine

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