an elephant

I love elephants! They are by far my favourite animal. A couple of years ago, while she was visiting, my grandma bought me a card with this photo on it, and I love the card! (she didn’t even know that they were my fave!!)


I love elephants.

I hate the door to our bedroom. It has a really stupid latch on it – don’t get me wrong, I like our house, but this latch is annoying:


(That’s not actually our door, btw)

It doesn’t properly hold the door shut – so in the winter, when it’s cold and you want the door to be closed, it kind of rattles and sometimes even pops open – a bit scary when you’ve just been watching an episode of something murder-y… And in the summer, when you want it open, it swings and creaks and sometimes closes and opens itself. Creepy!

So the hubby suggested that, with my ‘vast’ sewing knowledge, I make a door stop. And I did. I wanted one that was pretty and that I didn’t mind constandly sitting on the floor, so I made an elephant. I used a stuffed animal pattern as a starting point, which unfortunately means that my elephant is constantly doing the splits. But that’s okay. Its cute. And it has a heart on it’s butt… just because!


So there you go – the results of my hating the door and loving elephants!

And, I’ve learned a thing or two, so the next one would look even better!



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