photo challenge week 34: silver

Hello again – sorry I missed you all yesterday. Sometimes, on summer holidays, I completely forget what day it is and such!

Anyhow, here is my photo, then stay tuned after for a bit of what I’ve been up to lately…

Week 34 SILVER

That was a photo from my trip to Paris a few months ago – wonderful! Can’t wait to see your silvers, and I am intending to do a round-up later in the week, for the whole of summer!


Anyhow… we just got back from a holiday – a week away in Malta! It was lovely and baking hot. I’ve got a nice suntan now, which is wonderful – reminds me what it was like to be hot in the cold British ‘summer’!

Here’s a pic of what I was doing there for most of the week, and I’m sure I’ll share more vacation pics in the near future! (the bars are just a railing – good view, eh?)




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