photo challenge week 36: view

I’m feeling a little meh about blogging right now. Maybe I’m just feeling a little lazy. Whatever it is, I’m still here, and I’m sorry that I’m ignoring you. Do any others of you ever feel like that? Any tips on feeling more excited and enthusiastic on blogging.

I think it’s just a general feeling at the moment, really. I’ve just started back in to school, and it’s going well so far. Just the normality of life, I suppose. I’m sure I’ll be back and blogging soon.

The good news is that I’ve been doing lots of crafting and sewing lately. Not finishing much, though. I almost finished my print dress, but it’s waiting to be hemmed. I’ve started and almost finished a kimono top, but I made a few mistakes, so it’s taken longer than I thought, so it’s waiting for arms. That’s how things are going at the moment.

But I’m sure I’ll finish those soon – maybe I’ll go sew now…


To today’s reason for blogging – the photo! This is an old one (last summer), and it always makes me feel a bit homesick. It’s the view from up the mountain above where I grew up. My old house is even in the pic. Love it!

Week 36 VIEW

Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing your views!



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