photo challenge week 40: shadow

I’m back…!! Did you miss me?

Sorry that I’ve been silent for so long. I knew it would eventually happen. Life got busy – school is crazy, ridiculous busy at the moment. And we’ve had birthdays, and I’ve not been feeling very well… You know how it is, I’m sure.

Anyway, I’m trying to come back. I’ve got a photo for you today, then I’m going to share another something I’ve been working on later this week. I promise, and I can do that because I’m typing it up tonight.

So… shadow. I’m sure you know by now that I take photos of REALLY random things, but it would seem (I’ve figured out today) that I don’t take photos of shadows. I do take a lot of photos of flowers (I’m sure you know), so here is one in the shadows – I like the way it helps the colours ‘pop’!

Week 40 SHADOWLooking forward to getting back in touch with all of you – and to seeing your versions of ‘shadow’.

12 weeks to go in the photo challenge! (I’ve already failed it, but lets forget that!!)



4 thoughts on “photo challenge week 40: shadow

  1. I totally understand the absence. I logged on because it has been forever since I blogged so I was toying with just saying something but I’m not in the right space and honestly a little rushed as I am on a mini-break from doing school work with my son.

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