cute little camera case

This is a little project I finished a little while back. I wanted a really small, portable camera case, so I made this. It turned out all right, but there are definitely things that I would do differently if I were to make one again. It is really cute though, and provides just enough protection for a light trip.

DSC_6704Lots of cutting out of pieces – I used a template for the circles and a quilting ruler for the rest of the pieces. The only tricky bit was when I had to figure out how much denim (reusing the hubby’s old jeans – score) and other fabric to complete a piece, considering the seam allowance.

DSC_6712Lots of tacking together of the pieces with the batting in between. I used this horrible green thread that I had from another project, but found it wasn’t different enough from the green polka dot material. Wish I had some red thread, but I don’t really like red, so it’s not likely…

DSC_6735Sewing the end on this tube was one of the hardest parts of the project – you can see where I’ve tried to go over and over it, trying to catch all the layers. There may still be a small gap on the front – oops!!


DSC_6747The gap between pieces was so small that it was really tricky to stitch it up. I made it, but there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved (and possibly a few choice words).



DSC_6752But… the end result is pretty cute, I think! The only problem is that I can’t take a photo of my lovely camera case with my camera in it. And it looks way better when the camera is in! IRONY!!DSC_6770

In the end, I’m okay with it – mostly glad it’s done, not sure I’d make one again, unless for good money! What do you think?



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