hello? it’s me…

I was going to jump into a whole Adele thing, but that’s as far as I’m going.

Is anyone still there? It’s been a year – a whole year, but I’m hoping to start the blog back up again.

Let me explain: last year, I was working as a teacher in the UK. It seemed that every year I worked there, my workload got heavier. As a teacher, you always expect that your first year is going to be crazy, but that then it will get easier from there. But last year, I was averaging 60 hours a week, and regularly worked up to 70. Stupid! And unfortunately, it meant that I had to ditch other things in life. So the blog – and most of the fun crafting that went along with it – got ditched for awhile.

But, here’s the thing: I’ve moved back to Canada! And I’m starting my blog back up again, assuming you’re still wanting to hear from me. I’m finally feeling settled enough to get back to my crafting, so yeah, here I am. 

I have got some things that I made last year to show you – I’ve had a new nephew since I blogged last, so as you can imagine, I managed to get the sewing machine out a few times. And I sewed a new dress that’s actually wearable. How exciting is that?

Anyway, that’s all for now – please say hi if you’re still there!


10 thoughts on “hello? it’s me…

  1. Hi Jamie, yes I am still here. And guess what, we missed you and your photo challenge so much we carried on with it this year. Britain’s loss is Canada’s gain. Best of luck with your new job.

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