so… minor problem

I was and am so very excited to get back in the world of blogging. If you’re not sure why I wasn’t around, check out my last post here. For some reason, it didn’t go live on Facebook.

But… I’ve hit a pretty annoying snag in terms of being able to blog about much: our computer has died. {sad face} Well, the computer hasn’t really died, but the power cable has, so while I’m waiting for the new cable to be sent from China, I’m computer-less. Which isn’t that bad – I’m on my iPad now, but… ALL the photos of my craft projects from the last year are on my computer, so I can’t access them to share with you. And the project I just finished is, sadly/happily, a gift, so I can’t put pics on yet.

I will be able to share some of the things that I’m making though. Here’s a pic of a knitting project I’m working on at the moment (I have been for awhile):


excuse the grainy photo – iPad camera isn’t great

Almost exactly a year ago, my mom and grandma came to visit me in England, and I took the opportunity to relearn knitting. I had never really properly known how to knit (someone would cast on and off for me, and I only knew the knit stitch). Since that I’ve done a few little projects – nothing too amazing, but I’m pretty proud of this hat. It’s going to be a slouchy hat, and is made using the daisy stitch. I found the daisy stitch pretty difficult to master, especially as I like to keep my knitting very tight and this stitch needs some space, but on this, hat version 3.0, I think it’s going pretty well. I’m almost to the decrease, so maybe I’ll make it this time!

In other news, I should have a new sewing machine in the next few weeks, which is really exciting. I’ve been using my mom’s beautiful old Pfaff, but have been saving for years to buys a nice new machine for me. No clues, but I will tell you all about it when I get it and I’ve had a go at some of the features! Super exciting for me!!

I think that’s all for now – I’ll keep you updated on what I’m working with, while I’m waiting for my new sewing machine, a computer cable, and then our shipping container from the UK, which contains my fabric stash and most of my crafty tools!



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