mani the whale

Hello again! Thanks for reading today – makes me feel great, knowing that someone actually wants to read what I’ve written.

Anyway…  I’ve been sewing. And loving it! I must tell you all about my new sewing machine sometime. Remind me if I forget. But this is about some sewing I did before Christmas.

I can’t remember whose blog said it, but someone said that it’s always hard sharing sewing projects around Christmas, because so many of the presents are gifts, and obviously you don’t want people to know what you’ve got them… And this year, I decided that I was going to make presents for my niece and nephews, rather than buying them – much more fun for me, and hopefully, something a bit more special for them. This is one of those projects, and I can finally share it, because Christmas has passed.

A while ago my SIL was talking about a denim whale she saw on Pinterest that she loved and hoped someone would make for her kids. I filed the idea away, because I had NO idea what to make for my ten-month old nephew. I wanted to make him something, but something that would last, not a toy for a ten-month old.

So here it is:

Craft 2016-11-28 023.JPG

I roughly (as usual) used a pattern that another blogger had provided (Thanks Lacey from ‘all my friends are flowers’!) I couldn’t print the pattern, because my computer wasn’t working, so I traced it on my ipad, so the size isn’t the same, and I wanted the front to have a bit more texture, so I broke the pattern up a bit. I also added some stitching to the fins and tail to give them a bit more 3d shape. But the pattern worked great, and I’m super happy with the result!

Craft 2016-11-28 030.JPG

I ended up not having any jeans that could be cut up (having just moved across the world), so I ended up going to the thrift store to find the cheapest ones possible – why not? Randomly, the cheapest jeans were a pair of light denim Armani jeans, and thus, Mani the Whale was born.

The only really tricky part of Mani was the top-stitching to give him a lip. I (stupidly) decided that if I was going to top stitch the lip, that was a good place to close him as well, so I didn’t have to try to hide stitches elsewhere. WRONG! It took so, so, so many pins to hold the stuffing back enough to get him into my machine… There was some blood. Mine, not Mani’s. And I had to enlist a helper (thanks hubby) to help feed him through the machine.

But he’s done, and he’s amazing. And, most importantly, loved by his new family!




2 thoughts on “mani the whale

  1. Mani looks amazing! The stitching on the fins gives a nice texture. I crocheted my nieces little amigurumi and they still have them years later and proudly bring them out when I visit (feeling you on the international moves) to ask ‘Remember when I was five and you gave me this toy Aunty Wren? You made it for me.’ Uuuugh now I miss them. 😭

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