bow-tie bibs (and tinkle tents)

Hello everyone! Today is a very special day, because this little dude – my gorgeous nephew Isaac – is turning one today! Happy birthday, dude!


I thought a good way to celebrate would be to share the gifts that I made for him a year ago when he was first born. One of the things I sent for him was the playmat I shared with you earlier this week, but I also made a couple of other little things!

While I was searching for ideas of things to make, I saw some cute bibs with bow ties and though they were totally adorable. I didn’t necessarily like the ones I found online, so I came up with my own patterns for them.


The bibs and bows are 100% cotton, and have lovely, soft combed cotton on the back. I used a black check and yellow dot pattern and the bows are alternate colour to the bibs. I think they are totally cute! What do you think?

I also, as kind of a funny gift, I decided to make some of these:


These are called ‘tinkle tents’ or ‘pee-pee tee-pees’. Whatever you call them, they are cute and funny! I used the leftover fabric from the bibs to make them. If you’ve been around baby boys, then you know exactly what they are for! They certainly got a good giggle from the family!

Well that’s all for today! Looking forward to all the celebrations this weekend, and then being able to share what I’ve made him for his first birthday!



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