panda bag

Morning all! Thought I’d share another present that I made for Christmas. I’ll take a break from the presents for awhile then, but I do have some more to share – need to get photo editing!

My beautiful niece (featured here) absolutely loves Pandas. She’s almost three years old, and already has a large collection of panda teddy bears – like 8 of them!

I thought it would be fun to make something panda, that isn’t a stuffed animal – I like useful projects. So after a number of web searches, here’s what I came up with:


Isn’t it cute? I didn’t get a picture of her with it, because it took a while for her to warm up to it – Christmas was mostly about the presents that could immediately be played with, but eventually, she decided she liked it!

I made it out of inexpensive cotton broadcloth, and added the eyes and nose applique style. I almost didn’t stuff the ears, but I’m sure you’ll agree, stuffing them was definitely the way to go!


This was another project that I couldn’t find a pattern for, so I found a panda clipart file that I liked, and traced the eyes, nose and ears to get a nice shape. I used a bit of trial and error to get the bag right, but now it’s just perfect for holding a few toys.

If I can find the pattern pieces, I may be able to share the pattern, if anyone is interested – ask and we’ll see what I can do!





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