memories of travelling


So awhile ago, I was trying to think of ways to remember the trips that we’ve gone on. I’m not talking the little trips to nearby areas, but the bigger trips, and specifically for us, exploring Europe. I thought about doing scrapbooks for each of the trips that we’ve gone on, but let’s face it – scrapbooks take forever and then mostly sit on the shelf.*

*I realise this isn't what happens in everyone's world, but it is most certainly the case in mine.

I decided that a good way to remember the trips was to use an online service to make photo books – simpler, quicker, cheaper and smaller! I’ve printed two or three so far and am really happy with them.

But this didn’t help me with the little souvenirs I love to pick up. The problem with little souvenirs is that if they sit on the shelf looking pretty, they simply gather dust. And I hate dusting. So here’s my solution:


I bought a couple of Ikea shadow boxes and have gathered ‘stuff’ to put inside a couple of frames. I only bough two frames at first, because I know I won’t be able to get these ones forever, so I decided I needed to get different frames to create a random frame collage. I chose to use smaller frames (the one above is 9 inches square) because I didn’t want them to take up too much space. I’m hoping to create a larger one and to put things from all of our trips within the UK in it.

For now, I’ve done one frame, but I have everything I need to create one or two more. If people would stop having birthdays and wanting Christmas presents… 😉

This is the frame from our trip to Thailand back in 2011 – we went on our first anniversary.


And the best part – I can see everything, but the dust can’t get in. A quick duster across the frame and it’s clean! So please with this idea, and can’t wait to share more of my trip frames with you!



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