who am i?

Hello and welcome!Jamie Square

Thanks for coming to see what I’m up to these days!

About me? I’m a Canadian living in England, a teacher and when I have time, an avid crafter. I’m a sometimes musician, a gardener during the summer and sometimes I even enjoy cooking…  You may hear about those on here as well.

I love so many types of crafts, but lately I haven’t been crafting a lot. Hopefully in the next little while, that will change. I’ve been trying to get the creative juices flowing, so please check my latest stuff out and tell me what you think. Might inspire me to do more!

~Jamie xx


6 thoughts on “who am i?

  1. Australian living in Japan! I always wonder if it’s worth blogging my projects, I mean who actually is interested in what I make… I’ve found that I’m ok with no one checking in on my posts, because I love them so much myself. Looking back one what I’ve crafted during the year, and photos of my tiny baby wearing things I’ve made is a lot of fun! Keep crafting and blogging just for you.

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