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Morning! Just a quick post to share with you today!

Back in 2012, when I moved into my last classroom, the teacher’s cupboard was FULL! I was told that I couldn’t get rid of much of the stuff, but by Easter, decided I needed to go through it. I spent 2 whole days of my holiday there, going through the cupboard from top to bottom. And you would NOT BELIEVE the junk I found! I was throwing out stuff dating back to the 1990’s. Turns out that both of the teachers in the room before me were a bit hoarder-ish. I am too, but with MY stuff, not other people’s!


Anyways, I tell you all of this because of one thing that I found, which was destined for the garbage. This flappy bird:



He didn’t look very good, was faded and missing an eye, and had been badly painted in places. I asked what I should do with him, and was told to thrown him out, so instead, I took him home to give him a new lease on life.This is what he looks like now:


Not amazing, granted – I’m NOT an artist. But he’s bright, colourful and will being cheer to any classroom decor. I’m not sure if I ever shared it with you all, but a couple of years ago, I made a vine curtain to give my reading corner some personality. I took a cheap, mesh curtain (courtesy of Ikea) and painstakingly attached some vines to it. The bird is perfect to go along with it!


So there you go – a flappy bird for my rainforest corner. Next time I have a classroom, I feel like I should build on the theme. What else could I add (for REALLY cheap)?




Hi all! Just wanted to share a couple things with you from Halloween yesterday. I love Halloween, and was very excited to spend one back in Canada!

My sister-in-law and I decided to do some pumpkin carving together, so I went to their house to spend some time carving with these little monkeys!

I’m pretty proud of my pumpkins this year – my best yet, I think. I wanted to do something a little different to the ordinary pumpkin faces, so after a few google searches, here’s what I came up with: 


We decided to carry the Halloween theme on to the food – my SIL’s idea. We made these cute stuffed peppers, decorated like jack-o-lanterns. Very fun! And tasty too! I’d love to see some of your Halloween fun, too – please share!



hello? it’s me…

I was going to jump into a whole Adele thing, but that’s as far as I’m going.

Is anyone still there? It’s been a year – a whole year, but I’m hoping to start the blog back up again.

Let me explain: last year, I was working as a teacher in the UK. It seemed that every year I worked there, my workload got heavier. As a teacher, you always expect that your first year is going to be crazy, but that then it will get easier from there. But last year, I was averaging 60 hours a week, and regularly worked up to 70. Stupid! And unfortunately, it meant that I had to ditch other things in life. So the blog – and most of the fun crafting that went along with it – got ditched for awhile.

But, here’s the thing: I’ve moved back to Canada! And I’m starting my blog back up again, assuming you’re still wanting to hear from me. I’m finally feeling settled enough to get back to my crafting, so yeah, here I am. 

I have got some things that I made last year to show you – I’ve had a new nephew since I blogged last, so as you can imagine, I managed to get the sewing machine out a few times. And I sewed a new dress that’s actually wearable. How exciting is that?

Anyway, that’s all for now – please say hi if you’re still there!



So I’m a little sad! Some people have been asking me about my blog, and because I haven’t bought my domain name, I can never remember what the blog address is. And when I share recipes and give my baking away, sometimes people want to know where to find it.

The answer? Business cards. Really, really cheap, and I was able to design my own!

What do you think?

business card 2



my crafting area

The title of this post was going to read ‘my messy crafting area’. I really wanted to, but couldn’t figure it out. Might be that I can’t do it…


As I’m on holidays, I figured that I should get some things around the house (read – things I’ve been ignoring for the past few months) done.

I went through all my clothes and have a couple of big bags for charity – something I’ve been meaning to do for ages, and today we tidied the cupboard under the stairs. It’s where we keep the vacuum and cleaning supplies and stuff, but there’s also pain that our landlords left in there and such. Messy! And I think I got grease on my top – any top tips on getting it out of clothing? Not impressed, but at least it wasn’t a favourite top.

Anyway, the biggest task that I’ve done so far is cleaning the loft (or attic) out. When we moved into this place, I was really excited about the prospect of a crafting room. I have wonderful, huge dreams of a dedicated craft room someday, with custom furniture and the lot! But for now, I was just happy with a room that I could use at least part of for my crafts.

The problem was, I haven’t been doing many crafts upstairs for a long while. So it became a bit of a dumping ground. See, we still have to use the area for storage – camping stuff, luggage, etc. Here’s what it looked like:

Before 1 Before 2 Before 3Not exactly a productive area.

It’s still not amazing, but here’s what I have to work with now:

After 2 After 3After 1 Much better! And the stuff by the stairs is more that we’re getting rid of.

And I’ve already been sewing up there again. Started a new project (again… why do I do this to myself). Realised this evening that I have made a significant measurement error, so I’ve got to re-cut a bunch of pieces – ANNOYING! But I’ll share more soon, and I’ve got lots of pics of my garden to share in the next couple of days.

Still a bit stuck on tomorrow’s photo challenge – who knows what I’ll come up with!





photo challenge week 30: soft

What a busy couple of weeks it has been. For those who are interested, I’ll add more of that lower down the post, but first, I should share my photo of the week.

This is an old photo, but one of my faves! As soon as I saw the word soft, this came to mind! Makes me smile every time I see it!

Week 30 SOFTLooking forward to seeing your versions of soft!


Now onto this week…

I always tell myself that I will be able to do ‘things’ once school is out for the summer, but I forget the magical rule: It’s not gonna happen!

Firstly, I’ve been sick with a stupid, energy-sapping cold since the last couple of days of school. It seems to be the teacher thing – as soon as you’ve allowed yourself a little bit of relaxing time, you get poorly. (btw,if you’re gonna be a teacher-hater about it, please don’t – I realise I’m on a long holiday…)

Secondly, I’ve been working. I always forget that about holidays. I want to be one step ahead of the game come September, so I’ve been planning and prepping resources and display stuff. I’ve been in to clean out my classroom. And even more frighteningly, I cleaned out my cupboard. The boards are backed and ready to be decorated, and a few things are up, and there it sits, waiting for the final few touches… Which brings me to the rest of the week.

EVERYTHING has broken this week. First, our car was acting up. I took it to the mechanic, and annoyingly, it didn’t act up AT ALL for them! So I brought it home…

CoffeeThen, the coffee grinder broke. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but if you knew how significant coffee is to my life, you’d understand. Thankfully, my hubby was able to fix it – major crisis averted!!

Then… the wheel fell off the vacuum cleaner. And I do like a clean house. I wasn’t overly impressed by the prospect of having to wait to vacuum, but thankfully, it was fixed again.

THEN… the car broke down. Like really broke down. Since the car has been acting up (for the last couple of weeks), we had decided that it was time to buy a new (used) one, so we had a couple short-listed. This morning, the hubby was able to get time to go and look at a few cars, because we knew ours wasn’t long for the world. We got in the car, started it, drove to the end of the road, around the corner, another 50 feet, then stopped. DEAD! It is completely and totally broken. Well, the hubby looked it up, and it would cost around twice what the car is worth to get it fixed.

Luckily, a wonderful friend loaned us his lovely car so we were able to get out to see cars. And in the end, we did manage to buy quite a nice car. It’s a bit bigger, and has a strangely coloured interior, but it drives well and will definitely be more reliable. I don’t know if you can see in the picture, but the car is actually a really nice dark green!

Astra EditUnfortunately, because our old car is no longer running AT ALL, it looks like we won’t get more than scrap value for it. Oh well! There are more important things in life.

So… hopefully my week will calm down from here. I’m going to clean my craft room out now – it’s become a bit of a dumping grounds, and I’d like to be able to use it to, you know, do… crafts… And I have trousers that need hemming. Not that that’s so exciting!



better late than never? a round-up

Hi, here is the promised round-up:

Week 20: middle

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Week 21: wisdom (who thought of these ridiculous words?)

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I do TRY not to neglect my duties! And I love you all for forgiving me when I do neglect you!