photo challenge week 1: new

So it’s the first week of the photo challenge, and the theme is ‘new’.

I’m super-excited about all the photography, but struggled with this picture. I had an idea of what I wanted, but it didn’t end up how I imagined. I intended to do something with it on photoshop, but haven’t really used it at all, and it’s on my really old computer that I hardly use, so I didn’t get around to it. I actually do quite like the end result, though, and what it represents to me.  DSC_5346.NEF

While I won’t explain every photo, I thought this one probably needs something in terms of an explanation.  When I thought of ‘new’, the first thing that came to mind was photography, and photo challenge, and blogging. So that’s me and my lovely camera. I also got a new speed light (flash) for Christmas from my parents, and I’m LOVING it! Makes taking decent photos inside a realistic option! And will definitely come in handy for taking blog-y pics.

Can’t wait to see all your pics!