my crafting area

The title of this post was going to read ‘my messy crafting area’. I really wanted to, but couldn’t figure it out. Might be that I can’t do it…


As I’m on holidays, I figured that I should get some things around the house (read – things I’ve been ignoring for the past few months) done.

I went through all my clothes and have a couple of big bags for charity – something I’ve been meaning to do for ages, and today we tidied the cupboard under the stairs. It’s where we keep the vacuum and cleaning supplies and stuff, but there’s also pain that our landlords left in there and such. Messy! And I think I got grease on my top – any top tips on getting it out of clothing? Not impressed, but at least it wasn’t a favourite top.

Anyway, the biggest task that I’ve done so far is cleaning the loft (or attic) out. When we moved into this place, I was really excited about the prospect of a crafting room. I have wonderful, huge dreams of a dedicated craft room someday, with custom furniture and the lot! But for now, I was just happy with a room that I could use at least part of for my crafts.

The problem was, I haven’t been doing many crafts upstairs for a long while. So it became a bit of a dumping ground. See, we still have to use the area for storage – camping stuff, luggage, etc. Here’s what it looked like:

Before 1 Before 2 Before 3Not exactly a productive area.

It’s still not amazing, but here’s what I have to work with now:

After 2 After 3After 1 Much better! And the stuff by the stairs is more that we’re getting rid of.

And I’ve already been sewing up there again. Started a new project (again… why do I do this to myself). Realised this evening that I have made a significant measurement error, so I’ve got to re-cut a bunch of pieces – ANNOYING! But I’ll share more soon, and I’ve got lots of pics of my garden to share in the next couple of days.

Still a bit stuck on tomorrow’s photo challenge – who knows what I’ll come up with!