nintendo mushroom card

I was looking through photos of old projects the other day (now that I have access to the images on my computer again) and I saw this cute little card I made for my brother-in-law last year.

I rarely make cards, but enjoy it when I do – I suppose I need to make more cards. The problem is, I always want the perfect card for the person, not just any old nice card, which means I would have to custom make each card for each occasion. I should though… they turn out great!

My brother-in-law likes games and things like that, which I know virtually nothing about, so I decided to go old school gaming (by which I mean back to my own childhood). What do you think?





Crafty Box-Bag

DSC_6590I made this box-bag a couple of weeks ago, and have been meaning to share it with you since! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to, thanks to technology. You see, I had an idea of what I wanted to create, so I looked EVERYWHERE online to find a pattern to make it with, but couldn’t find one anywhere! So I ended up making a pattern myself. And because there wasn’t much in terms of a pattern I thought I’d share a pattern and tutorial! If you do end up making one, please send pics! ūüôā
Here are the steps that I took to make my lovely little box-bag:

First I cut out the fabric. I used a heavy cotton (think curtains) for the outside, a thin cotton on the inside, and a thin iron-on interfacing to give it shape.

Then I sewed the outside together (with wrong sides together), and the interfacing and lining together – right side of fabric together, with interfacing on outside.

On both pieces, I measured in 3 inches ¬†from the bottom and side, and sewed across this line to give the bag it’s rectangular bottom.

Then I put the outside into the lining, with right sides together, and sewed around only one of the handles. I turned it so that the outside was on the outside. It was tricky, but I then folded over the edges of the un-sewn handle hole, and sewed it together, then top-stitched around the other to match.

At this stage, the bag didn’t have quite the square edges I was hoping for, so I pinned the corners and ran a stitch all the way down them, which gave the bag a very crisp corner. Nice!

DSC_6561In the end, I’m very please with the box-bag. It turned out EXACTLY like I had imagined and holds sewing and knitting projects perfectly! I may need to make a few more, in fact! Hope you enjoy, and it you’d like to download the pattern, it can be found HERE: Box Bag A4, Box Bag LETTER. My first pattern, so please let me know how it works! Happy sewing!!






I saw this craft on pinterest ages ago and decided to have a go at it…


DSC_6078 DSC_6081It started with some cute fabric (you’ll be seeing more of it!) and a pack of three Ikea pot stands. Nice and cheap! ¬†And look at how cute the fabric is:




I cut out three fabric circles with diameters about 10 cm wider than the cork itself, then carefully stretched and hot glue gunned the fabric all the way around. It took a bit of doing to make it look really nice, but I think I succeeded.

Here is the final version, although still at this point just laid out on my coffee table. Cute, eh? I’m really pleased with how they turned out and can’t wait to get them up on the wall.DSC_6090

And with a few little things pinned to them – you get the idea!



Isn’t it fantastic what you can do with a few little scraps of fabric?



time for a new dress?

With all the sewing and creating that I’ve been doing, I thought that it was finally time I got around to making some clothing. I was shopping for random fabric awhile ago – by which I mean I was wandering through my favourite fabric shop after primising my husband I wouldn’t buy anything – when I saw this fabric. I knew that I needed to have a dress made out of it, and immediately had a style of dress come into mind. Being that it is the first piece of clothing that I’ve ever sewn, I thought I should buy a pattern, and I managed to find one that’s almost exactly what I had in mind.

I’ve had the fabric now for ages (6 or 8 months), and have only just bothered getting it out. I’m not 100% sure whether it will work, seeing as I didn’t buy the right size pattern and I’ve been adjusting as I’m going along. BUT when you see the fabric, you’ll understand why I needed to have it!! ¬†So far I’ve cut out the fabric and have begun to assembly the bodice. I’ll keep you up to date – hope that it’s done soon!!




sewing machine cover


Would you like to see the cutest thing I ever did make? Okay, maybe the advent calendar was cuter… But I’m super proud of this because it wasn’t easy, AND I think I did a pretty great job!


Okay, same material as I’ve been using. Because it’s great. I’m pretty much down to scraps now, though. Sad days!


DSC_5003.NEFI made a pattern from scratch. I ended up leaving a slightly too wide seam allowance, so I had to take it in a little.

DSC_5016.NEFThe whole thing  is lined, so it looks really neat and tidy, except around the hole around the top, which was very difficult to do. (Ignore the wobbly stitch, please. It was difficult sewing on the inside.)

DSC_5038.NEFI decided against having it just plain, so I added ribbon, and when that wasn’t quite enough, I added a flower in an appliqu√© style. First time ever doing that, and I’m pretty happy with how it came out! My cheapy little sewing machine certainly can hold it’s own!


DSC_5065.NEFAnd, now it doesn’t’ have to be covered with a cheap, plastic tarp thing. Much better, and definitely¬†much cuter!DSC_5076.NEF



black & white necklace

DSC_4956.NEF ¬†I’ve had these beads around forever. I bought them to make a necklace, then never really got around to making it. So when I started looking at my crafting stuff again, I thought I should do something with the beads. I’m pretty happy with the results, now I just need to remember to put it on sometimes! You wouldn’t know it from the way I dress everyday, but I have great jewellery – much of which I’ve actually made. It’s the thinking about what matches my outfit and then actually remembering to grab it in the morning. Maybe someday I’ll get better at caring about what I wear on a day-to-day basis! For now, I’ll just try to remember to get up on time!