flapping bird

Morning! Just a quick post to share with you today!

Back in 2012, when I moved into my last classroom, the teacher’s cupboard was FULL! I was told that I couldn’t get rid of much of the stuff, but by Easter, decided I needed to go through it. I spent 2 whole days of my holiday there, going through the cupboard from top to bottom. And you would NOT BELIEVE the junk I found! I was throwing out stuff dating back to the 1990’s. Turns out that both of the teachers in the room before me were a bit hoarder-ish. I am too, but with MY stuff, not other people’s!


Anyways, I tell you all of this because of one thing that I found, which was destined for the garbage. This flappy bird:



He didn’t look very good, was faded and missing an eye, and had been badly painted in places. I asked what I should do with him, and was told to thrown him out, so instead, I took him home to give him a new lease on life.This is what he looks like now:


Not amazing, granted – I’m NOT an artist. But he’s bright, colourful and will being cheer to any classroom decor. I’m not sure if I ever shared it with you all, but a couple of years ago, I made a vine curtain to give my reading corner some personality. I took a cheap, mesh curtain (courtesy of Ikea) and painstakingly attached some vines to it. The bird is perfect to go along with it!


So there you go – a flappy bird for my rainforest corner. Next time I have a classroom, I feel like I should build on the theme. What else could I add (for REALLY cheap)?




I saw this craft on pinterest ages ago and decided to have a go at it…


DSC_6078 DSC_6081It started with some cute fabric (you’ll be seeing more of it!) and a pack of three Ikea pot stands. Nice and cheap!  And look at how cute the fabric is:




I cut out three fabric circles with diameters about 10 cm wider than the cork itself, then carefully stretched and hot glue gunned the fabric all the way around. It took a bit of doing to make it look really nice, but I think I succeeded.

Here is the final version, although still at this point just laid out on my coffee table. Cute, eh? I’m really pleased with how they turned out and can’t wait to get them up on the wall.DSC_6090

And with a few little things pinned to them – you get the idea!



Isn’t it fantastic what you can do with a few little scraps of fabric?



christmas is coming


I love Christmas!  Like love, love, love it.  Christmas is absolutely my favourite time of the year and I get all excited about it every year. This weekend was finally time that I was allowed to put up my Christmas decorations, and my house looks great!

DSC_4883This is my tree – every year we buy a real tree. I think that, growing up in the middle of nowhere, Canada, always having a real tree, it’s just something that makes it feel like Christmas. Unfortunately for my poor husband, my tree philosophy is: the bigger, the prettier! The tree, before trimmed, was as tall as our living room, which has a fairly high ceiling. And then we discovered that the trunk was to big for our tree stand. We ended up breaking it – oops! Emergency trip out to get another (nicer) one! And then I got to decorate it.  I love that part! I’m guessing that someday, when we have kids, I’ll have to share that pleasure, so I’ll enjoy it for now.


DSC_4894This year, the decorating was made even better by a lovely glass of hot apple cider (a non-alcoholic alternative to mulled wine) and two new CD’s. I was SO excited to be able to get these, and I can HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who wants some chilled Christmas music. The Michael Buble one is a bit more upbeat throughout, but both are lovely and calm and fantastic!

MusicI think that’s it for today! Hope you’re all enjoying getting ready for Christmas as much as I am!