more playmats


Wanted to share a couple of projects that I did a while ago again. One was a gift for a baby born just before Christmas, so I didn’t share it sooner.

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you may remember that I made my niece a playmat for her first birthday. I was really pleased with how it worked, so I ended making a few other ones for other babies. I’m sure I’ll make more in the future, too – it’s a nice project, doesn’t take too much time, and is, hopefully, very useful.

They are a bit different, one to another, so I’ll tell you a bit about each in the order I made them.


This mat was made for my nephew, Isaac.
It’s 100% cotton (poplin for the patterned section and combed on the back). His dad (my brother) is completely obsessed with cars (more 4x4s and old cars) and my hubby actually found the fabric on one of the rare times I dragged him along to my favourite UK fabric store.

This is the only mat I’ve used any batting for. It has very thin (3-4mm) polyester batting throughout the middle section. It was something I decided to try, and although it’s slightly softer, I decided it probably wasn’t entirely necessary.


This mat was for my friend’s son.

It was the first sewing project I¬†finished in Canada. I did it even before I bought my new machine – I had borrowed my mom’s machine for a while, because she doesn’t like sewing and wasn’t going to use it!

This mat is made entirely out of flannel. It’s beautifully soft. I found a new shop, Overseas Fabric, that has an amazing fabric selection, especially their flannels, which are ridiculously well priced, too! I picked this print because it felt a little bit ‘Canadian-y’ and thought it would remind our friends of us! Awww!

Well, I think that’s it for today! Come back Thursday for a special blog post!