portable car mat

Hello all!

This is my first post on my shiny new computer – it’s so pretty!!  I got a job a couple of weeks ago, after 5 months of being a ‘lady of leisure’, and decided that a new computer was a necessary step. Still getting used to it, and missing some features from my last computer, but it’s definitely a major step up! Anyway, I’m pretty sure you don’t care about my computer!

Today’s project is actually a really recent one.  I know – that never happens! But I’m pretty excited, cuz this one turned out great.

If you were reading two weeks ago, you’ll have seen that it was my gorgeous nephew’s first birthday. Here he is, just so you can see how gorgeous he is:


I wanted to make something really special for his first birthday, and I saw the most amazing idea on ‘Ragamuffin’s’ blog. Check it out here. I loved the idea instantly, but apparently I don’t read very carefully, because she very obviously outlines the amount of work involved in such a creation. I didn’t really get that…

BUT, I did finish it more than 24 hours before his birthday… Let’s say 26 hours, probably! And that was mostly because we had family staying that weekend so I needed to be done.

Anyway, here is my version of the car mat:






As you can see, it has a school, a playground, a pond, some skyscrapers, houses, a trimg_20170204_202239_editedee with a rope swing, and a gas station. I even included a round-a-bout, seeing as we just moved back from the UK. It also has parking spaces for 6 Hot Wheels sized cars. I bought him a bigger car, seeing as he’s too young for hot wheels, and probably doesn’t really understand ‘scale’ yet, anyway. When being transported or stored, the mat, along with the cars, can be snapped together, rolled up and tied, ready to go wherever! Did you notice I even stitched his name on the ties?

I did also notice that a lot of people were asking Jessica from Ragamuffin for a pattern, and she didn’t have one. To make my life easier, I kinda made patterns for all the cutouts. Maybe one day, I’ll combine them into a pdf or something like that. We’ll see…

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with the way this project turned out! Let me know what you think.



bow-tie bibs (and tinkle tents)

Hello everyone! Today is a very special day, because this little dude – my gorgeous nephew Isaac – is turning one today! Happy birthday, dude!


I thought a good way to celebrate would be to share the gifts that I made for him a year ago when he was first born. One of the things I sent for him was the playmat I shared with you earlier this week, but I also made a couple of other little things!

While I was searching for ideas of things to make, I saw some cute bibs with bow ties and though they were totally adorable. I didn’t necessarily like the ones I found online, so I came up with my own patterns for them.


The bibs and bows are 100% cotton, and have lovely, soft combed cotton on the back. I used a black check and yellow dot pattern and the bows are alternate colour to the bibs. I think they are totally cute! What do you think?

I also, as kind of a funny gift, I decided to make some of these:


These are called ‘tinkle tents’ or ‘pee-pee tee-pees’. Whatever you call them, they are cute and funny! I used the leftover fabric from the bibs to make them. If you’ve been around baby boys, then you know exactly what they are for! They certainly got a good giggle from the family!

Well that’s all for today! Looking forward to all the celebrations this weekend, and then being able to share what I’ve made him for his first birthday!



nintendo mushroom card

I was looking through photos of old projects the other day (now that I have access to the images on my computer again) and I saw this cute little card I made for my brother-in-law last year.

I rarely make cards, but enjoy it when I do – I suppose I need to make more cards. The problem is, I always want the perfect card for the person, not just any old nice card, which means I would have to custom make each card for each occasion. I should though… they turn out great!

My brother-in-law likes games and things like that, which I know virtually nothing about, so I decided to go old school gaming (by which I mean back to my own childhood). What do you think?