i {heart} gardening

One of the few things that I make sure I get time to do (when I’ve ‘finished’ my work) is to play in my garden. There are few things that keep me as happy as my nice little garden, all colourful and pretty in the summertime. So I thought I’d share with you a few things that I’ve been doing in my garden so far this year.

Last year, we discovered (the hard way) that our leylandii fence was seriously wrecking the soil on that side of the yard, so all of the veg that we had near it died. We decided that this year, we would extend our initial veg patch, which isn’t near the horrible leylandii, so that we could grow a little more. This is what we came up with.


My little veg patch and the ‘Narnia lamp post’.


This is the new part of the garden.

Doesn’t look like much, I know, but keep in mind – we rent at present, and so don’t want to put too much into our gardening endeavours. Please ignore the nasty white stuff – our soil is pretty rubbish, so we spend a lot of time trying to get nutrients into it!

And this is the other reason I’m looking forward to time in my garden this summer:


Between store points and a sale, we managed to pick this up for a song, and I am looking forward to many relaxing cups of coffee outside this summer! One down, at least 250 to go! Coffee and a book… all summer??DSC_6126

Can’t wait for summer to finally be here. Right now, I’m loving all the little sprouts that are just starting to come up (that’s a peony – first year having them – one of my two favourites!) I have some carrots and lettuce coming up as well, and my camellia is just starting to bloom. Loving the gardening so far!

And here’s a little idea of what I’ve got in mind for the rest of the summer! Would love to hear your gardening plans for the summer, too!




52 weeks of photos

I got some new camera kit for Christmas – more about that soon. I love photography, but I forget that I like taking great photos and just end up taking everyday photos. So, I thought a challenge was in order. I looked online for a challenge, but couldn’t find one that was going to start this year, and that I was happy with. Everyone was doing daily challenges, or a challenge with a photo a day for a month, or challenges with boring (or overly simple) topics.

In the end, I decided to come up with my very own 52 weeks of photos challenges. Why not? I didn’t use topics or ideas that I already had photos to match, but just looked around for random ideas that I liked.

Here’s the challenge – I am going to take a photo a week for 52 weeks, thinking about the topics below. AND, I’d love it if anyone wanted to join me. If you join, please link to my blog (https://bluedaisyz.wordpress.com/), or tweet to @blue_daisyz . I’m going to try and post my picture every week on Monday, but if you’re joining, post whenever you can! Please feel free to comment on the photos – I’m learning and just enjoying having a go!

Here’s the challenges – Photos for 52 Weeks – if I’ve attached it correctly, it SHOULD download as a pdf!

52 Weeks of Photos

Enjoy – can’t wait to get the camera out, and to see all your pics, hopefully!  First week’s topic is ‘new’.




One of the things that I love most about crafting and creating is seeing the potential. I love to look at something plain, or everyday, and think about what it could become with a little love and time. For me, this sometimes means collecting things around the house, and sometimes it means buying cheap and boring things, with ideas of how to make them beautiful.

With that in mind, here are the things that I am thinking of… I’m not giving any hints about the end products, yet.  And I still have more coffee cans to collect, anyway!


If you look at my Pinterest page (www.pinterest.com/bluedaisyz83), you’ll see that I say I’ve got many started projects. This is what I mean – there’s always something on the go, even if it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Hope you enjoy imagining what I’ll do with these projects, just like I enjoy thinking them up!