back to work & blueberry muffins

I fully intended to blog lots at the holidays. FAIL!  But regardless, it was nice to have a holiday. I did manage to do a bunch of crafting and creating, which is, I suppose, more important than writing about it. AND, it gives me lots to write about in the next few weeks, when I try to get my head around working (more than) full-time and maintaining the blog. Blogging is something that I’m feeling passionate about keeping going, so hopefully I’ll manage to find the time to create, and then to write about it.

One of my goals for 2015 (not a resolution, a goal) is to be healthier in life. I don’t mean that I want to be more active and to eat healthier (although those are def. part of it too). I want to enjoy life more this year; life was good this year, but some parts of it were hard. Mostly working too much, and getting myself tired and frustrated because of work. Don’t get me wrong – I love my job. I can’t imagine doing anything else, most of the time, but more time for me and for family is definitely necessary. That’s where the blogging and crafting come into play.

Random – that was a tangent that I totally wasn’t planning on. Anyway, I go back to work tomorrow. No kiddies, just a training day.

And just before the break, year 5 were doing some baking and had buttermilk left over. They were planning on getting rid of it, I believe, but I said I was happy to take it. LOVE buttermilk!

I didn’t get around to making much out of it, so today I fashioned some of it into tasty and delicious blueberry muffins. Tomorrow, I’m going to take them into school to share. I love baking, but don’t make more food around the house! Nice to share!

I used my own take on the recipe, and they turned out great. I’ll post it sometime soon, if anyone is interested.


Was very excited to use my brand-new 3 tier cooling rack. (sad, I know!) It’s great for my little kitchen.

DSC_5380.NEFDon’t forget, tomorrow is week one of the 52 week photo challenge, and the topic is ‘new’. Cameras at the ready!