christmas is coming


I love Christmas!  Like love, love, love it.  Christmas is absolutely my favourite time of the year and I get all excited about it every year. This weekend was finally time that I was allowed to put up my Christmas decorations, and my house looks great!

DSC_4883This is my tree – every year we buy a real tree. I think that, growing up in the middle of nowhere, Canada, always having a real tree, it’s just something that makes it feel like Christmas. Unfortunately for my poor husband, my tree philosophy is: the bigger, the prettier! The tree, before trimmed, was as tall as our living room, which has a fairly high ceiling. And then we discovered that the trunk was to big for our tree stand. We ended up breaking it – oops! Emergency trip out to get another (nicer) one! And then I got to decorate it.  I love that part! I’m guessing that someday, when we have kids, I’ll have to share that pleasure, so I’ll enjoy it for now.


DSC_4894This year, the decorating was made even better by a lovely glass of hot apple cider (a non-alcoholic alternative to mulled wine) and two new CD’s. I was SO excited to be able to get these, and I can HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who wants some chilled Christmas music. The Michael Buble one is a bit more upbeat throughout, but both are lovely and calm and fantastic!

MusicI think that’s it for today! Hope you’re all enjoying getting ready for Christmas as much as I am!