sewing machine cover


Would you like to see the cutest thing I ever did make? Okay, maybe the advent calendar was cuter… But I’m super proud of this because it wasn’t easy, AND I think I did a pretty great job!


Okay, same material as I’ve been using. Because it’s great. I’m pretty much down to scraps now, though. Sad days!


DSC_5003.NEFI made a pattern from scratch. I ended up leaving a slightly too wide seam allowance, so I had to take it in a little.

DSC_5016.NEFThe whole thing  is lined, so it looks really neat and tidy, except around the hole around the top, which was very difficult to do. (Ignore the wobbly stitch, please. It was difficult sewing on the inside.)

DSC_5038.NEFI decided against having it just plain, so I added ribbon, and when that wasn’t quite enough, I added a flower in an appliqué style. First time ever doing that, and I’m pretty happy with how it came out! My cheapy little sewing machine certainly can hold it’s own!


DSC_5065.NEFAnd, now it doesn’t’ have to be covered with a cheap, plastic tarp thing. Much better, and definitely much cuter!DSC_5076.NEF