flapping bird

Morning! Just a quick post to share with you today!

Back in 2012, when I moved into my last classroom, the teacher’s cupboard was FULL! I was told that I couldn’t get rid of much of the stuff, but by Easter, decided I needed to go through it. I spent 2 whole days of my holiday there, going through the cupboard from top to bottom. And you would NOT BELIEVE the junk I found! I was throwing out stuff dating back to the 1990’s. Turns out that both of the teachers in the room before me were a bit hoarder-ish. I am too, but with MY stuff, not other people’s!


Anyways, I tell you all of this because of one thing that I found, which was destined for the garbage. This flappy bird:



He didn’t look very good, was faded and missing an eye, and had been badly painted in places. I asked what I should do with him, and was told to thrown him out, so instead, I took him home to give him a new lease on life.This is what he looks like now:


Not amazing, granted – I’m NOT an artist. But he’s bright, colourful and will being cheer to any classroom decor. I’m not sure if I ever shared it with you all, but a couple of years ago, I made a vine curtain to give my reading corner some personality. I took a cheap, mesh curtain (courtesy of Ikea) and painstakingly attached some vines to it. The bird is perfect to go along with it!


So there you go – a flappy bird for my rainforest corner. Next time I have a classroom, I feel like I should build on the theme. What else could I add (for REALLY cheap)?



applique tote bags

Hey, it’s me again. I know, I know – it’s been ages.

But I’m back…

And, very exciting, this is my 100th blog post. Only took me three years to get here. Let’s celebrate.


Okay, that’s enough!

I’m very excited about some of the projects I’m going to share with you. In fact, I’m going to write 5 (!) posts today. Which is obviously because I’m dying to share things with you, rather than because I know otherwise it will be ages before I blog again.

So, today’s project to share: personalised tote bags.

When I was leaving my job in the UK, I decided I wanted to do something special for the amazing ladies that I was working with. One thing, as a teacher, that I never have enough of is tote bags. I am (was) forever carrying work back and forth, and there’s nothing as nice as a cute bag to carry things in. So I thought I would make my three colleagues (my year group team) matching personalised tote bags. First, I found out the favourite animal of each of them, then I created these:


The bags are 100% cotton and are fully lined, with French seams (luxury!), and I even managed to get my bluedaisyz labels into them.

I cut out each of their favourite animals, then cut it out on cotton poplin ironed onto medium interfacing. Then I attached them to the front of each bag.


As a final challenge to myself, I figured out how to sew the handles on with the box and cross, making sure I didn’t go over my seams twice – tricky! Didn’t get a closeup picture of that, though.


Anyway, I’m please with how they turned out. Even had some other friends wanting me to make one for them, as well! I made one for me, too (needed to do a trial bag), but didn’t take pics of it, for some reason. It has an elephant on it, as well, but it’s a different, more cartoon-y elephant. I think it’s cute.

By the way, if anyone was wondering – dolphins are horrible to sew around – too many intricate shapes.

What do you think? What would go on the front of your bag?



why i don’t blog more often

This could be called – why I don’t finish crafts I’ve started…

I am a procrastinator. That is all…

masked procrastinator

Okay, maybe there’s more to it than that! In fact, I know there is!

One of the reasons I can cope with teaching is that I have like to have a million things going on at once. With teaching, it’s not just the standing in front of the class. It’s planning, assessing, teaching, marking, paperwork, counselling (let’s not kid ourselves), mediating, entertaining… Let’s not forget reports. I just finished those!

Realistically, I am exactly the same way with my crafts. I have so many different crafts on the go at any given time that very little gets done. I’m pretty sure that my mom would tell you that I’ve always been that way – more going on than I can cope with.

So I thought for a little fun, I’d round-up my ongoing projects, be it craft or otherwise.

  1. My garden is always ongoing. Right now it counts as something to do because it needs weeding. DESPERATELY!
  2. Seedlings – I have a bunch of plants in seed trays that want to go into larger pots fairly soon. And by soon, I mean yesterday…
  3. My tribal print dress – I love this and can’t wait to wear it. No clue why I’m still taking a break from it. I should start back on it soon!
  4. Tank top – I bought some pretty material for pretty cheap, and thought it would make a pretty, quick top. It wasn’t as quick to make as I’d hoped, so there it sits…
  5. Elephant door stop – I made a cute door stop to prevent a door banging all night. I used an online pattern, and it didn’t turn out as pretty as I had hoped. Realistically, this project is finished. But could I be bothered to photograph it so I can call it really done? Ha!
  6. I finally decided what to do for memories of our travels. I’ve bought lots of things for this, and hope to get it under-way soon, but haven’t started yet.
  7. Since we were married (almost five years ago), I have intended to make a scrapbook of our wedding. I FINALLY started it last night. I suppose then I can hope to finish it before our 25th…  I’ll try to share the pages with you as I finish them!
  8. This necklace. I tried to make it before Christmas, and still love the idea, AND have bought all of the necessary materials, but haven’t bothered fixing it after it flopped!

I’m sure if I looked, I would find even more projects that aren’t completed – my hubby will probably remind me of some! I love crafting, and can’t wait to start more, but hopefully I’ll finish a few of these soon!wpid-superwoman-clipart

In the next few months, I also want to start a quilt and a Christmas tree skirt. Hopefully, I’ll finish a few things so I can get onto these!! 🙂

What have you got on the go at the moment?