nintendo mushroom card

I was looking through photos of old projects the other day (now that I have access to the images on my computer again) and I saw this cute little card I made for my brother-in-law last year.

I rarely make cards, but enjoy it when I do – I suppose I need to make more cards. The problem is, I always want the perfect card for the person, not just any old nice card, which means I would have to custom make each card for each occasion. I should though… they turn out great!

My brother-in-law likes games and things like that, which I know virtually nothing about, so I decided to go old school gaming (by which I mean back to my own childhood). What do you think?





needle book

So, this is something that I made before moving to Canada. I’ve got a couple of things like that, which I made and brought, and I’ll try to share them over the next couple of weeks. I’m also hoping that our container will be shipped soon, so I have all the other things I’m wanting. It’s annoying not having all my ‘stuff’.

In good news, I’ve got my new sewing machine. It’s amazing and I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but I’m going to wait til I’ve had a bit more of a play with it, then I’ll write a proper review.

Anyways, this is a little needle book that I made a while ago. I was tired having to pick through a box of needles – my fingers wanted not to be pricked and poked all the time. So I found a little needle book online and made this one:

I’m going to try some quilting in the next little while, so I thought this was a good chance to try putting a few squares together. I ended up with one inch squares. It was way more effort than something like a needle book should be, but was a fun thing to try.

On the inside, I used felt to make the six ‘pages’ and put circles of cotton on top to hold the needles. I think they are quite cute – I’ve only shown three, as the other three are the same, with 2 of each fabric. There’s a little ‘pocket’ that extends across the front and back – as you can see I’ve got a little sewing kit in the front. I added the ricrac just for fun – thought it looked nice!

And have I showed you these before?

I made a bunch of labels for my sewing projects, and thought this looked cute in the back of the book. The only problem with the labels is that I keep forgetting to put them in. I remember after the project is past the point of adding a label. Oops!

That’s all for now – let me know what you think!



hello? it’s me…

I was going to jump into a whole Adele thing, but that’s as far as I’m going.

Is anyone still there? It’s been a year – a whole year, but I’m hoping to start the blog back up again.

Let me explain: last year, I was working as a teacher in the UK. It seemed that every year I worked there, my workload got heavier. As a teacher, you always expect that your first year is going to be crazy, but that then it will get easier from there. But last year, I was averaging 60 hours a week, and regularly worked up to 70. Stupid! And unfortunately, it meant that I had to ditch other things in life. So the blog – and most of the fun crafting that went along with it – got ditched for awhile.

But, here’s the thing: I’ve moved back to Canada! And I’m starting my blog back up again, assuming you’re still wanting to hear from me. I’m finally feeling settled enough to get back to my crafting, so yeah, here I am. 

I have got some things that I made last year to show you – I’ve had a new nephew since I blogged last, so as you can imagine, I managed to get the sewing machine out a few times. And I sewed a new dress that’s actually wearable. How exciting is that?

Anyway, that’s all for now – please say hi if you’re still there!


cute little camera case

This is a little project I finished a little while back. I wanted a really small, portable camera case, so I made this. It turned out all right, but there are definitely things that I would do differently if I were to make one again. It is really cute though, and provides just enough protection for a light trip.

DSC_6704Lots of cutting out of pieces – I used a template for the circles and a quilting ruler for the rest of the pieces. The only tricky bit was when I had to figure out how much denim (reusing the hubby’s old jeans – score) and other fabric to complete a piece, considering the seam allowance.

DSC_6712Lots of tacking together of the pieces with the batting in between. I used this horrible green thread that I had from another project, but found it wasn’t different enough from the green polka dot material. Wish I had some red thread, but I don’t really like red, so it’s not likely…

DSC_6735Sewing the end on this tube was one of the hardest parts of the project – you can see where I’ve tried to go over and over it, trying to catch all the layers. There may still be a small gap on the front – oops!!


DSC_6747The gap between pieces was so small that it was really tricky to stitch it up. I made it, but there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved (and possibly a few choice words).



DSC_6752But… the end result is pretty cute, I think! The only problem is that I can’t take a photo of my lovely camera case with my camera in it. And it looks way better when the camera is in! IRONY!!DSC_6770

In the end, I’m okay with it – mostly glad it’s done, not sure I’d make one again, unless for good money! What do you think?



an elephant

I love elephants! They are by far my favourite animal. A couple of years ago, while she was visiting, my grandma bought me a card with this photo on it, and I love the card! (she didn’t even know that they were my fave!!)


I love elephants.

I hate the door to our bedroom. It has a really stupid latch on it – don’t get me wrong, I like our house, but this latch is annoying:


(That’s not actually our door, btw)

It doesn’t properly hold the door shut – so in the winter, when it’s cold and you want the door to be closed, it kind of rattles and sometimes even pops open – a bit scary when you’ve just been watching an episode of something murder-y… And in the summer, when you want it open, it swings and creaks and sometimes closes and opens itself. Creepy!

So the hubby suggested that, with my ‘vast’ sewing knowledge, I make a door stop. And I did. I wanted one that was pretty and that I didn’t mind constandly sitting on the floor, so I made an elephant. I used a stuffed animal pattern as a starting point, which unfortunately means that my elephant is constantly doing the splits. But that’s okay. Its cute. And it has a heart on it’s butt… just because!


So there you go – the results of my hating the door and loving elephants!

And, I’ve learned a thing or two, so the next one would look even better!



this could be the laziest thing you’ve heard of…

Okay, so I was sewing the other morning and my hair was bothering me. It’s getting really long and I’m between ideas about what to do with it. It was really hot out and long hair is not nice in the heat.

There are two things that one can do in this situation, one reasonable and one ridiculous:

  1. Reasonable – you could walk down one flight of stairs to the bedroom and grab a hair elastic.
  2. Ridiculous – this:

DSC_6728 DSC_6729 DSC_6781

Yup, instead of walking 20 feet, I took ten minutes, 5 inches of elastic and 18 inches of fabric and sewed a scrunchie.

And let me tell you, it made me feel old! See, scrunchies are back in, it seems. I remember when I was a kid and all I wanted was the best scrunchies – I can still tell you that my favourite one was an off white, waffle fabric scrunchie. I loved it.

I don’t feel like I’m old enough to have trends coming around again for another time. But I guess if I’m really honest, it’s not the first time!



my crafting area

The title of this post was going to read ‘my messy crafting area’. I really wanted to, but couldn’t figure it out. Might be that I can’t do it…


As I’m on holidays, I figured that I should get some things around the house (read – things I’ve been ignoring for the past few months) done.

I went through all my clothes and have a couple of big bags for charity – something I’ve been meaning to do for ages, and today we tidied the cupboard under the stairs. It’s where we keep the vacuum and cleaning supplies and stuff, but there’s also pain that our landlords left in there and such. Messy! And I think I got grease on my top – any top tips on getting it out of clothing? Not impressed, but at least it wasn’t a favourite top.

Anyway, the biggest task that I’ve done so far is cleaning the loft (or attic) out. When we moved into this place, I was really excited about the prospect of a crafting room. I have wonderful, huge dreams of a dedicated craft room someday, with custom furniture and the lot! But for now, I was just happy with a room that I could use at least part of for my crafts.

The problem was, I haven’t been doing many crafts upstairs for a long while. So it became a bit of a dumping ground. See, we still have to use the area for storage – camping stuff, luggage, etc. Here’s what it looked like:

Before 1 Before 2 Before 3Not exactly a productive area.

It’s still not amazing, but here’s what I have to work with now:

After 2 After 3After 1 Much better! And the stuff by the stairs is more that we’re getting rid of.

And I’ve already been sewing up there again. Started a new project (again… why do I do this to myself). Realised this evening that I have made a significant measurement error, so I’ve got to re-cut a bunch of pieces – ANNOYING! But I’ll share more soon, and I’ve got lots of pics of my garden to share in the next couple of days.

Still a bit stuck on tomorrow’s photo challenge – who knows what I’ll come up with!