52 weeks of photos

I got some new camera kit for Christmas – more about that soon. I love photography, but I forget that I like taking great photos and just end up taking everyday photos. So, I thought a challenge was in order. I looked online for a challenge, but couldn’t find one that was going to start this year, and that I was happy with. Everyone was doing daily challenges, or a challenge with a photo a day for a month, or challenges with boring (or overly simple) topics.

In the end, I decided to come up with my very own 52 weeks of photos challenges. Why not? I didn’t use topics or ideas that I already had photos to match, but just looked around for random ideas that I liked.

Here’s the challenge – I am going to take a photo a week for 52 weeks, thinking about the topics below. AND, I’d love it if anyone wanted to join me. If you join, please link to my blog (https://bluedaisyz.wordpress.com/), or tweet to @blue_daisyz . I’m going to try and post my picture every week on Monday, but if you’re joining, post whenever you can! Please feel free to comment on the photos – I’m learning and just enjoying having a go!

Here’s the challenges – Photos for 52 Weeks – if I’ve attached it correctly, it SHOULD download as a pdf!

52 Weeks of Photos

Enjoy – can’t wait to get the camera out, and to see all your pics, hopefully!  First week’s topic is ‘new’.



147 thoughts on “52 weeks of photos

  1. What a nice idea! I would like to join in. My camera is lame, but that is no excuse. I will give it more thought as this month is a bit madness with me leaving for school. I will sleep on it and let you know. What a great motivator it would be though…

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  33. I have never done a ping back… Still learning! How do I ping my photos back to you Jamie.. I am enjoying the challenge when I can find the time. Thanks for leading and including me. 💛

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  114. Hi Jamie, I have so enjoyed your Photo Challenge! and have kept going – the end is in sight and I actually feel like I might get to complete it, much to my amazement! I will misss it next year. I get the feeling you might be taking a break from blogging and the Photo Challenge – would you like to create a list for next year? I don’t mind ‘hosting’ it at Wild Daffodil, OR I was wondering about inviting the Bluedaisy participants to come up with some prompt words to create a list for next year. Please let me know how you would feel about that. Wishing you all the best and a HUGE thank you for your list it has been FUN!

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  119. Hi Jamie, We have enjoyed your photo prompt list so much – 4 of us have created a new one to carry on the weekly challenge through 2016 – please feel free to join us any time. I’ll add a link to our list when it goes live. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and happy new year. Sandra

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